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Toiletry Bag Technic Waterproof

Toiletry Bag Technic Waterproof

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Organize and give practicality in your day to day with a single product. The TOILETRY BAG is an important piece for many steps with a small.

We can give amplitude to the stroller bag, organizing diapers, baby wipes.. and thus distributing our space better. In a quick exit, where we do not need to carry much, this product can be used so that with its handle, we would not have to carry anything else. It will accompany us on our travels and its durability is infinite for this great road.

Padded with foam, prevents the content can be damaged.

Its TECHNIC fabric gives us waterproofing and water-repellent to liquids.


28cm ancho x 22cm alto aprox.

Asa colgador


Tejido TECHNIC: 

90% POL. | 10% ACRÍLICO

( Aguante AGUA 2000MM COLUMNA AGUA )


Tejido PERCAL (forro): 



100% POL.

Simbología lavado

Temperatura máxima del lavado 30°

No usar lejía.

No lavar en seco. No utilizar productos quitamanchas con disolventes.

No plancha.

No secadora.

Secado al aire

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