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Carrycot Covers for Jane Micro

Carrycot Covers for Jane Micro

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Carrycot Covers for Jane Micro suitable for all models Jane with carrycot

Micro Kendo Rider Crosslight Crosswalk Kawaii

Reversible on both sides, provides us 2 LOOKS for our stroller. You can spin the dress as many times as you want to get different combinations. INTERIOR IN MOVAL RAW All the seams are inside to avoid unnecessary friction and provide us with that variability of looks.

All backs are in a Raw Tone Moval fabric




100% Algodón

*espuma interior 100% pol.

Simbología lavado

Temperatura máxima del lavado 30°

No usar lejía.

No lavar en seco. No utilizar productos quitamanchas con disolventes.

Temperatura máxima de planchado 150°. (planchar por el revés)

No secadora.


Puedes realizar la compra de este producto, pero tardaremos entre 10/18 días en realizar la entrega.

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